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Super Shine Auto Care provides the highest quality automotive detailing and customer service. Prices are subject to change and do not include tax.

Polishing Car
Complete Detail (call for appointment 308-237-1464)

Complete Detail includes interior detail (see below) and express wax. Engine degrease is unavailable. Appointment required. Approx. half day for most vehicles.

Interior Detail (call for appointment 308-237-1464)

Interior Detail includes shampooing carpets, floor mats, and seats. Cleaning and conditioning leather seats. Cleaning, detailing, and dressing entire interior including dash, vents, console, etc. Cleaning storage compartments, cargo area, door jams, and windows. Appointment required. Approx. full day for most vehicles.

Exterior Detail (call for appointment 308-237-1464)

Exterior Detail includes tree sap, tar, and hard water spot removal. Buffing and waxing exterior and polishing rims. Prices listed below depends on vehicle size and does not include sales tax. Full size vans & conversion vehicles are extra. Appointment required. Approx. half day.

Individual Services (call for appointment 308-237-1464)

Purchase any 2 individual services to save $20.00 or purchase any 3 individual services to save $40.00.  Pricing depends on vehicle size. Appointment required. 

Additional Services (call for appointment 308-237-1464)

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